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Spuds – our favourite veg!

Top taters from Germany

Tüffel, Kartüffel, Ärpel, Adapfel, Grumbeere, Grumbiere, Erdäpfel – each region of Germany has its own name for the humble potato.

Many consumers are waking up to the joys of local produce. In response, more and more food retailers are now putting regionally grown potatoes on their shelves.

We, too, are alive to this trend and have our own contract farmers in many regions of Germany. They grow the potatoes and then store and deliver them to our packing partners.

Germany’s regional diversity

Whether grown in sandy, loamy or loess soil; whether produced in the west or east, north or south of Germany – we will supply you with potatoes from your home region, via the shortest route; or, should demand, market situation or availability so dictate, from producers in other regions of Germany.

Pour l’amour de la pomme de terre

We import premium French-grown potatoes from the regions of Beauce, Picardy, Normandy and Champagne. We offer a wide range of the very best French ware potatoes in all three cooking types and sizes.

An important potato-growing area in France is the Paris Basin, which has large areas of fertile land under cultivation. This land is made up of loess soil, which has excellent water-storage properties. This produces excellent potatoes that look great when washed.

Some of our farmers also have long-term storage facilities, meaning they can supply us with excellent “pommes de terre” right through from August to the following May.

French potatoes, washed and polished, are the automatic choice for our premium Baby Potatoes.

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